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This Operation lasted for 10 days ie from the 16th to the 25th of January 2021. 15 persons effectively participated in this operation physically and digitally. Before achieving these goals, goals were set before the 13th of January , had a one day prayer and fasting session for lost souls as well as for the outreach program. 15th we had general orientation on how we were to step out as a group or as individuals. As a result we reached out to 24,665 people in total.

Digitally, we reached out to 24,411 persons, on Facebook, Watsapp , Instagram and U-tube. These people were reached through evangelistic posts, messages and evangelistic images.  In other to achieve this, we prayed on each post or image before posting on watsapp, facebook or instagram so that it could create a remarkable impact in the lives of viewers and thus attract souls for God’s kingdom.  Out of the 24,411 persons reached, about 09 persons confessed Christ as lord over their lives, 04 persons rejected the word, about 103 persons reached were already Christians, about 22,700 persons reached from the Crazy Faith page by either liking the post, commenting, sharing to others as well etc the remaining persons viewed the various posts even though they didn’t react. The main topic of interest for the month was FAITH. We currently trusting God some made the decision in the course of the period or were encouraged. We keep praying for them.

Physically or Offline, we reached out to 254 persons, on streets, market places, neighborhood, using tract and word of mouth. Consequently 17 persons made de prayer and decision to follow Christ, 14 persons rejected tracts or the word from us. About 110 tracts were given out,62persons gave us no feedback as in whether they were going to make the decision to follow Christ or not, about 34 persons we reached out to were already Christians, some were encouraged by the word while others rededicated their lives to Christ.

The operation reach out for Christ was a successful activity for the month of January 2021 though the physical objective wasn’t met, hence God did it his way, our goal is to plant the seed and God has the ability to make it grow. We planted and we believe God is working. The month of January has been a sad month for many families especially here in Cameroon, many people lost their loved ones as a result of serious ghastly accidents . Truth be told we cant stop people from dying but we can either warn them of hell or stop them from going to hell. why not take the challenge this month of February and join us let’s make a difference either on or offline .  If you wish to join online, all you have to do is intentionally post evangelistic messages, share our posts , like and comment too so it can reach out to as many people as possible. If you wish to join the team, contact us on Watsapp through +237, 674381786 or via God Bless you.