Operation Reach out to 1000 People for Christ in 10 days : Report for December 2019

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This Operation lasted for 10 days i.e. from the 16th to the 25th of December 2019. 16 persons effectively participated in this operation and as a result 1534 persons were reached out to. About 234 persons where reached on Facebook and Watsapp through posts using evangelistic images, messages, the wordless book and the “salvation equation”.  Physically about 1300 persons were reached out to at market places, streets, bars, quarters, etc with the use of tracts, the four spiritual laws and the salvation equation also known as ‘The Four’. Consequently about 166 persons made the decision and prayer to follow Christ amongst whom about 10 were interested in follow up and some are currently being followed up. Meanwhile about 15 persons said they were going to think about the decision to follow Christ, 350 persons reached out to were already Christians and were challenged to reach out to others as well. Unfortunately about 71 persons showed no interest in following Christ.  About 538 tracts were distributed to those who couldn’t patiently listen and finally about 150 heard the word but gave no feedback, some were encouraged while others were challenged to make that greatest decision to follow Christ.

The operation reach out was a successful activity for the month of December , despite the busy nature of the month we still prioritized soul winning and reached out to 1534 people for Christ.  

People are dying every day, truth be told we cant stop them from dying but we can at least warn them of hell or stop them from going to hell . So join the challenge from the 16th -25th of January 2020 so we can all make a difference by telling the world about Jesus. Start the year in a fruitful way . God bless you

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