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One of the action areas in crazy faith is to serve the community and in doing so we organize football tournaments which aims at bringing young guys together, teaching them moral lessons in life, helping them to be better children back at home, teaching them to grow in the fear of the lord and advising them not to join bad company.

We at crazy faith are looking to continue a tradition of impacting young guys even through this football competition. Over the past months, some of the guys have really improved on their way of life while others are still resistant to change. The crazy faith tournament has never been a waste of time. The impact may not be too much but each match leaves a mark in at least one person’s life. We living in a time when young guys are joining bad groups and some are even carrying arms around. Advising these guys and teaching them good morals will help curb down evil in the society.   I was once travelling and a gang made of young boys within the ages of 12-15years carrying arms held our vehicle, it was sad to see these young guys this way. All these in mind and other reasons motivated us to continue with the Crazy faith football tournament we started 2018.

So the last tournament was in December 2019 were more than 80 guys were gathered and we all had a happy event.  Now the field (small poles) we often use takes just about four players each in a team, so each match has about 8 persons on the field. We had about 20 teams (under 10, “under 15” and above 15 years of age).

It sounds crazy to have organized a tournament as such on a small field but it left many of the guys happy. About 100 guys heard the word of God and equally heard and learnt some moral lessons. The event lasted for about a month and it was fun bringing these guys every ghost towns and Sundays after service to play and share the word with them as well. Some of the guys who were not going to church started attending church services, others started telling others about Christ in their schools while some  are still resistant the change . Never the less, we keep praying for them to change  one day . Working with these guys has been challenging as well but seeing them happy and impacting them is such a great joy .

Serving the community this way is very fulfilling. you must not change the whole world to know you have created an impact, just making someone smile through any positive means can change their whole world . Never underestimate any little act of kindness. God bless all those who contributed in making this happen .

Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile Albert E. Think and make impact , show faith by what you do # CRAZY FAITH#
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