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It is impossible to speak of the benefits of soul winning in that the soul of a person is worth more than the whole world … for what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his soul (Mark 8: 36). So if you win just a soul for Christ, the ultimate benefit is that you have won more than a world for that person, what a privilege to have won more than just the whole world for someone. However as a soul reaper, I came to realize that, soul winning has some sub-benefits in addition to the main benefit described above:

  1. It brings joy in heaven,  Luke 15:7 (imagine you making heaven smile and celebrating because of a soul you  converted )
  2.  It makes us obedient to the great commission ( Matt 28:19-20) which makes God definitely happy.
  3. It creates joy in the Christian life (Luke 10:20)
  4. It makes you wise (Proverbs 11:30). If you are able to win souls for Christ, whether you like it or not, wisdom will be deposited in you.
  5. It gives the Christian the ability to say no to sin (Matt 7:26) and equally enables the Christian to be conscious of sin ….(Matt 5:16)
  6. It increases the church and thus more soul winners
  7. It guarantees God’s presence with you ( Matt 28:20)
  8. God will give you the other things you desire in life (Matt 6:33)
  9. God stands you out as an ambassador of heaven and you enjoy divine intervention in ugly situations , divine provision and supplies
  10. Soul winning makes us stars , when soul winning becomes part of you, you  become a star in the making many people will begin to envy you ( Daniel 12:3)
  11. It brings us into favor with God  (2 Corinthians  5:19)
  12. There is a satisfaction found in the work that is found nowhere else. Those who go for soul winning are rewarded by the deep sense of joy and satisfaction that comes to them (James 5:20).
  13. It brings peace and joy that comes via obedience. The happiest people are those who obey God and look up to him.
  14. There is the affection and gratitude of those whom we influence and win to the lord. If anyone has thanked you for leading them to Christ, you know exactly what that means
  15. It beautifies the one who goes out, whenever you go out for soul winning you will be beautified by God just as the bible recorded…. How beautiful are the feet’s of those who bring good news
  16. God will be with you till the end matt 28:20
  17. It makes you become more like Christ  since the main reason he came was to seek and safe the lost, it’s such a privilege partnering with Jesus to achieve this goal.
soul winning creates joy in the Christian life

Know of any more benefit,  please add to this post via the comment box. Your contributions, comments and questions are welcomed here. God bless you

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