In other to lead people to Christ and assist them grow in their faith, crazy faith takes the following approaches into consideration

  1. Operation Reach-Out to 1000 People for Christ and Winning 100 every month in 10 days.

This Operation Reach-Out enables Christians to be able to reach out to 12000 or even more people for Christ within one year. The task is dedicated to Christians who can dedicate 10 days in a month to do effective evangelism. The objective of this operation is to enable Christians to be able to make evangelism their life style and a routine wherever they are and in whatever field they are into. Also it will enable Christians reach out to as many people as possible (friends, family, neighbors, colleagues etc.) within a defined period of time. Meanwhile the remaining 20 days of the month is dedicated for basic follow up,  prayers for new converts and basic orientation for those who are interested to join the challenge in the coming months.

2. Network Evangelism

Network marketing has been a recent trend in the world for the past few years and it’s been gaining grounds. Amazingly many people have been growing in this business which is an alternative source of income. What amaze me in network marketing are the adverts and different strategies people put in place to get customers and to even sell their products. According to Wikipedia, Evangelism Marketing is an advanced form of word to word marketing in which companies develop customers who believe so strongly in a particular products or service that they freely try to convince others to buy and sell. The customers become voluntary advocates actively spreading the word on behalf of the company. Recently I have been pondering on how these networking ideas could be put into biblical evangelism. If Churches   groom Christians who believe so much in Christ, such that they can convince other Christians all over to join them in advertising Christ and make the world know how good Jesus is and how ready he is at all times to accept those who are ready to receive him then biblical evangelism will bring a lot of change in this world.  As a net work marketer for you to really be effective and sincere in making more money, you have to know the business, trust the business and trust the products. Now if you know Christ and trust him and his father God then you are about getting into the best kind of business ever. If you have been excelling in network marketing then you can also excel in Evangelism provided you are a child of God. All you need to do is apply the same principles of growth then you are good to make heaven smile.

Why this form of marketing?

Evangelism Marketing Because:

  1. It’s a command  ( Matthew 28:18-20)
  2. There is  a hell (Matthew 13:50, Psalms 9:17)
  3. We know how to escape hell ( Roman 10:9-10)
  4. There is a heaven (Philippians 3:20-21)
  5. It Glorifies God and makes heaven celebrate ( John 15:8, Luke 15:7)
  6. Our hands will be stained with blood of the lost if we don’t tell them (Ezekiel 3:18)
  7. It’s a timeless principle
  8. Because we must all appear at the Judgment seat of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:10-11)

Benefits of Evangelism

  • Brings Fulfillment: Imagine the Joy and happiness you will have if someone repents and decides to follow Christ!
  • It brings joy in heaven Luke 15:7 (imagine you making heaven smile and celebrating because you converted a soul)
  •  It makes us obedient to the great commission ( Matt 28:19-20)
  • It creates joy in the Christian life (Luke 10:20)
  • It makes you wise ( Proverbs 11:30)
  • It gives the Christian the ability to say no to sin (Matt 7:26)
  • It increases the church and thus more soul winners
  • God will always be with you ( Matt 28:20)
  • God will give you the other things you desire in life (Matt 6:33)


  1. WELFARE EVANGELISM (Luke 5:29, acts 10:2) This method attracts many to you. When you share gifts to people in need it gives you the opportunity to minister Christ to them.
  2. STREET EVANGELISM  (Acts 4:42, Luke 10:1-2)  Door to door, shop to shop, market evangelism etc
  3. GOSPEL TRACT EVANGELISM:  Drop them at restaurants, offices , schools parks , shops etc A track can save a soul . Never under estimate the power of tracks. Prepare good and short tracks which presents the message straight to the point
  4. FRIENDSHIP EVANGELISM (Proverbs 27:17):  Developing a new friendship for the sake of the gospel or having dinner dates with friends just for the sake of evangelism.


  1. You will receive Everlasting life  ( 1John 5:13)
  2. You will become a child of God and you will definitely be sure of heaven (John 1:12)
  3. You will have a new life in Christ  ( 2 Corinthians 5:17)
  4. You will enjoy the privilege of praying ( Philipians 4:6)
  5. You have a friend in Jesus  ( Colossians 1:19-20)
  6. You can now resist temptation  (I Corinthians 10:13)
  7. You can continue to receive forgiveness (1John 1:19)
  8. ALL your sins will be forgiven ( Colossians 1:14)
  9. You will begin that great adventure for which Christ created you (1 Corinthians 1:9).
  10. You won’t pay a dime to receive Christ because he paid the price.   Romans (3: 23-24)

How to Go About Evangelism

  1. Be sure you are a Christian  Ephesians (2:8-9, John 1:12)
  2. Be sure that there is no un-confessed sin in you  ( 1John 1:9)
  3. Be filled with the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 5:18 , 1 John 5: 14-15)
  4. Be prepared to communicate your faith in Christ ( 1 Peter 3:15-16)
  5. Pray ( 2Peter 3:9)
  6. Go to people ( Matthew 28:18-20)
  7. Talk about Jesus alone ( Colossians 1:28)
  8. Expect God to use you ; people are hungry for the word ( John 4:10-14)


  • Write the list of people ( family ,friends, colleagues , relatives etc) you intend to reach out to
  • You reach out to as many people as the spirit leads you with the objective of winning minimum 3 persons (like we do in most marketing businesses). Once you win, build, train and send them to do same. BE INTENTIONAL
  • These 3 persons win 3 other persons each  train, build and send them as well and it continues


Imagine in 6 months you must have had more than 12 effective disciples, picture the Joy in heaven and step out of your comfort zone and tell others about Christ. Don’t sit and watch your friends go to hell. Step out and spread the good news. You have a chance today to make heaven smile by advertising the best product ever, the product which will never get finished, product which is actually free, product with no negative site effect etc . God bless you as you show off Christ wherever you go.


  • Digital Evangelism
  • Door to door evangelism
  • Street evangelism
  • Evangelism in the market place
  • Evangelism via the use of tracks
  • Evangelism via the use of stickers
  • Evangelism through social events  
  • Sports  and evangelism
  •  Lifestyle evangelism
  • Discipleship courses ( 3months)
  • Living a victorious Christian life : This will enable a Christian to be able to live a consistent and victorious Christian life by practicing Spiritual Breathing
  • Follow up lessons 1
  • Follow up lesson 2
  • Follow up lesson3
  • Follow up lesson 4
  • Follow up lesson 5
  • Follow up lesson 6
  • purpose driven lessons ( 3 months )
  • Purpose driven life ( 40 days study)
  • Living a life of faith series