2. Action to Look after the Poor and the Needy

Being sensitive to the needs of people around and meeting them just as Jesus did: Genuine faith in God leads to good and loving actions. Jesus as we all know came from a poor background and his dad was a carpenter, imagine where he was born then you will understand what we talking about. Nevertheless everywhere he went he was doing good, meeting the needs of people around him that was putting faith into action. He just needed little or nothing to turn it into something big by faith and meet people at their points of need. In Matt 14:15-21, Jesus meets the needs of a crowd from what he did not have by faith. What motivated Jesus was love, and that is our primary force “love“. James 1:27 speaks of true religion which is to take care of orphans and widows and to keep one’s self from being polluted by the things of the world . It is on this basis that crazy faith has decided to take upon this action to meet needs where necessary. In crazy faith we don’t wait to have too much before impacting in people’s lives, rather we believe that little is much when God is involved and so we often step out with anything we have trusting God to do the increase.

  • Visit widows, help them startup businesses or assist in their businesses, do cleanup for them , call and check on them
  • Visit orphans in the community those not in orphanages as well as those in orphanages , assist in one way or the other ( set up petit businesses, assist in paying their fees, help them with dresses, food stuffs etc )
  • Visit hospitals and meet needs of those who cannot pay their hospital bills and afford for a meal
  • Meet the need of those going through one challenge or the other
  • Visit Prisons
  • Reach out to those in the neighborhood who are in need
  • Visit and help street children with food and clothing