Many Christians profess faith but it’s not evident by what they do and it is called dead faith. Thus faith without evidence cannot save any man because even demons believe there is  God , but their actions are not consistent with what they believe reasons why they are not saved. So faith can only be faith if it is put into actions which must be consistent with what we believe (ie God’s word)

Crazy Faith (CF) is here to create awareness and inspire people on faith that saves, by making the difference through actions that are consistent with our beliefs. Faith that believes when all hope is gone, faith that believes that no matter how good, bad or ugly things are, there is still hope for things to get better, faith that leads many to Christ,  faith that sacrifices at all cost just to meet needs, faith that practices real religion, faith which defiles all logical reasoning and believes God for the impossible , faith that perseveres etc. This Crazy faith website will provide you with daily experiences on walks of faith, bible stories of great men of faith, testimonies of Christians who have experienced the benefits of taking leaps of faith and are living a life of faith.